The Blood Suckers, The Dips

The Blood Suckers, The Dips Pratdip

Some people think they are mythological beings in a black dog body, Devil Emissaries that feed on blood. In fact, nobody has ever seen them. Those who have got  closer, have only seen their evil eyes shining in the darkness.

Where does the truth end? Where does the fantasy start?  If you walk around the streets of Pratdip and you get close to the most significant places in the village, you will find out that the trace of this vampire dogs is still there. You will find some Dips hidden in the wall paintings of the hermitage of Santa Marina and also in the altarpiece of the Pratdip’s Parrish.

You can also get to the Pratdip Castle where the writer Juan Perucho set the Onofre de Dip’s crypt, the vampire character in the novel “Les Històries Naturals” who was the lord of this county in times of Jaume I.

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