Hiking trails in Vandellòs and Hospitalet de l'Infant

This familiar route allows a major effort between the village of Vandellòs and the Dedalts Mountain.

It is an easy route suitable for a family walk with some highs and good views.

To start this walk you can access by car through the path which starts at Carrer de Dalt street or you can link with the Ruta del Mirador dels Dedalts route. Start at the car park of the lookout and follow the yellow marks which will take you on a round walk to the starting point.

Route:  Circular
Distance:  3.52 Km
Elevation change: 75 m


This route, easy and suitable for a family walk, will take you to the village of Vandellòs and its environment.

Start at the petrol station in Vandellòs, behind the public washing place, following the path marked in yellow. You will get to the local path which is marked in white and green, and get over the bridge which is under the road. Take the PR-191 towards Vandellòs. Go across the village following the yellow marks which will take you to lo Castell where you will find orientation boards and beautiful views of the village and the valley.

It is a route which goes through the mountains where the goats graze.

The starting point of this route can be accessed by car, both, through the road that goes from Dedalts street or linking with the Mirador dels Dedalts Route. Set off from the car park and follow the yellow marks. When you get the crossing where you find the red marks you must follow them to link with the local PR (white and green marks). Once at this point, take the path on the left until you find the PR-C92 which you must take going left and on which you have to go along until you get to the lookout car park. 

This route gets to the village of Castelló, deserted village in which the manger under the stars festival takes place at Christmas time. Park your car in Masboquera and take the carrer de les escoles towards Castelló along the GR-192. Once in Castelló go down the canyon, taking the PR-92 until the spring with the same name. Follow the path until Masboquera going under the C-44.

Route:  Circular
Distance:  8.39 Km
Elevation change: 260 m

This route can be done by car.

We set off from one of the sides of Vandellòs football ground and we get the Dedalts road to the exit of the village. Once we are out of the village we will find the sign for the MIrador dels Dedalts and you must go on through the PRC-92. We will get to Dedalts and we must follow the yellow marks until we get to the lookout where you can enjoy the wonderful views to the Vall de Llors.

Route:  Lineal
Distance:  2.63 Km
Elevation change: 330 m


This route will take you to one of the highest points in the council, from where you can enjoy a landscape of sea and mountain.

Set off from the petrol station in the N-340 in l’Hospiatlet de l’Infant and take the PR-C91 until you get to the Portella Peak. Follow the PR-C91 until you get to the way to l’Irla, where you have to follow the yellow marks which will take you down through the Coll de les Portes until you get to the PR-C90. Follow the path until the AP-7, which is to cross through the underground tunnel.

Start this route at the Tourist Office following the signs of the GR 92 until the Plaça de la Marina and walk along the seafront until the campsite Templo del Sol. Go passed campsite and, after the railway bridge, whitout leaving the GR-92, on the left a path starts, which takes you to the hill of la Rojala which is a Protected Natural Spot. Once at the lookout the impressive views of the Beach of el Torn and l’Hospitalet de l’Infant are remarkable. When you get to the car park of Cala Jostell keep going in the same direction following the Camí de Ronda and the yellow marks.

Walk to the Iberian settlement in la Mola de Genessies.

This route takes you to the abandoned village of Remullà and to the Font del Rentador spring, where the neighbors used to do their laundry.

Start at the Centre Assistencial de Vandellòs and take the road on the right following the indication Remullà. Keep on walking on the PR-C91 until you get to the village of Remullà. Passed the village you will find the Font del Rentador Sping. Go Back to the village and take the Camí dels Masets path until you get to the C-44, which will take you back to Vandellòs.

This is the way up to the hermitage of Sant Roc situated on the top of the mountains Serra del Mestral from where you will be able to enjoy wonderful views from the region and the coast.

Set off from the Tourist Office towards the Via Augusta Street until the roundabout of Chirac Street. Get to the petrol station and take the path. When you get to the freeway, turn left until you find the tunnel which will take you to the freeway service area.

Route:  lineal
Distance:  5.35 Km
Elevation change: 245 m

Ruta De Vandellòs a l’Hospitalet de l’Infant

This tour allows us to realize the huge contrast between the coast and the mountain, a contrast to be noticed in less than 11 Km.  Another interesting reason is that you can pass by and stop at two of the inland villages which are part of Vandellós i L'Hospitalet de L'Infant council: Masboquera and Masriudoms.

On this local path, signaled with green and white marks, you will find three drink water springs in Vandellós, Masboquera and Masriudoms. Once in L´Hospitalet de L´Infant, you can take the bus to go back to Vandellós.

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