Legal notice

The Administration allows the reuse of the contents and data all over the world, without any limitation in time, further to the basic conditions established by the article 8 of the Law 37/2007 (mentioning the font, no alteration or perversion of the provided information and specification of date of the last update), as far as it does not contradict the license or notification a work might have, which will be prevailing.

Ways of reuse of the provided information at

The Law 37/2007, 16th of November, about the reuse of public sector information, which reflects the Directive 2003/98/CE of the European Parliament and the Council. This law regulates the reuse of public information belonging to the public institutions and organizations they belong to, which means, the right of any potential agent in the market to reuse the information owned by public institutions.  According to this rule, the Administration allows the reproduction, distribution, and public communication of the work, as well as the transformation of the work to do subsequent works, all over the world without any time limitation, as long as it does not contradict the license or notice the work might have, which will be prevailing.

To reuse the information, following conditions must be given:

  • It does not pervert the purpose of the information
  • It mentions the source of the information
  • It mentions the date of the last update of the information.

The author or the owner of the rights must be always mentioned: Mancomunitat ´Iniciatives pel  Desenvolupament Integral del Territori de Vandellòs I L´Hospitalet de l´Infant, Tivissa and Pratdip, from now on, “MIDIT”.

Other ways of reuse of information:

Moreover, the reuse can be limited because of the need to protect other prior interests, such as the protection of personal data, the privacy, or the intellectual property protection of a third party. The reuse of works protected by the intellectual property protection may be done by using open broadcasting licenses, such as the Creative Commons ones, which cede certain exploitation rights. For the contents, for which this kind of license applies, the reuse is allowed, with the established conditions.

In no way is the use of logos, makes, shields or distinctive symbols of MIDIT allowed in publications or webs which are not sponsored or shared by this institution. These graphic corporation identity elements are the exclusive property of MIDIT and are protected by the current law applicable.

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