Santa Anna i Les Tries

Santa Anna i Les Tries

This is a 6.8 km circular route with an uphill elevation change of 155 m, 83.8% path, and 600 m local road (T-304), without any water points. It coincides partly with the old ring road of Tivissa, today called Passeig Dr. Ramón Jardí.

The route stars at Passeig de la Fotx street, opposite the Tourist Office. Go out of the village towards Vandellòs and the C-44. Before you get to the road, you must take the detour on the left, coinciding with Passeig Ramón Jardí street, and keep going straight until getting to the crossing of the C-44. Go across the road and take the first detour on the right, where you can see a country house. Go along the path until the bottom of the little valley. Then, you have to take the path which continues to the North, passing by some centenary olive trees, until you get to the local road TV-3031. Follow the road until you get to the first kilometer mark, take the detour on the left and follow the path, which is asphalted in parts. When you get to the top,, before an asphalted section, there is a detour on the right which takes to the remains of Santa Anna hermitage, now totally destroyed. Follow the path, and after a couple of 90 degrees bends, you have to take the detour on the left, which deepens into some almond and cherry tree plantation, till the bottom of the little valley, from where you must take the path on your left, towards a small pine tree wood. Follow the path and go across the local canyon, back to a path.

Go straight on until the spot where it turns with a 90 degree bend towards the C-44 road. Here, you must follow the path parallel to the valley which will take you back to the path you took at the beginning. From there, you must go across the road again and go towards the village on the old road. Take the second detour on the right (northern entrance of Tivissa) keep on  walking till you get to the L´Abeurador  spring, where you take the detour on the left, towards the Tourist Office. There, on the right, there is La Teula fountain and just before you get to the end of the trip, on the right, there is the Séquia del Camí fountain. These three fountains were part of a wide net of irrigation ditches for the village´s orchards, with over 2 km length. You can still see some sections of it, now in disuse.

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