Terres de Mestral, lands of flavours

Clotxa cuina mediteranea menjar de tros cocina Mediterranean Cuisine

The way of cooking tells us about a place as much as its landscape, villages and people. In Terres del Mestral the cuisine is an expression of the Mediterranean Diet, with a perfect balance between mountain and sea. From the sea, for instance, there is the tuna; from the inland, the olive oil, the honey and the nuts. No wonder, therefore, that the gastronomic offer is so varied and wide. You can get a huge range of restaurants, according to the kind of cuisine, from the most traditional to the most sophisticated and modern, for the most demanding gourmets. And among all the dishes Terres de Mestral , the icon is clotxa . Eat a traditional territory that has the ability to adapt to changing times and also allows us to discover and savor the tradition and the past. The clotxa was and is a food garden , field , outdoor and full of flavor.

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