Via Ferrata Tormo de la Margarida

Starting point: Over the football ground, you must follow the path of Coll de la Llena for 500 m until you get to a sign. You turn right and, crossing the bush area until the base of the of the crest of the Tormo, we descent through the opposite side following the base of the wall 50m until we see the start of the Via.

Via: You go up a first section of 60 m mixing vertical and aerial parts, after this you must flank towards the right side until the first pine trees where the second section starts. In the last meters we can either take the easy way, following the left side railway, or take the straightway which crosses the overhang, not for the faint…

Descent: From the top keep on following the crest until you find the pathway which goes down to Coll de la Llena (15 min).    

Difficulty: Medium
Approach: 360 m
Length: 210 m
Elevation change: 85 m
Time: 45 min.

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Via Ferrata
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