The Oil with a scent of laurel

Everybody knows Jaume de Cal Futo, he used to be the miller in the old mill, the one who gave turns to mill the olives, the one who weighed them and pressed them, the one who, later, with the jug, he gathered till the last drop of oil in the containers. It was the old times but everybody remembers it. The extra virgin oil made in this region from the olive varieties Arbequina and Reguer has an intense fruity taste and scents of laurel. In the Vallis Laurorum there aren’t any laurel trees left; instead we find many olive trees. However, it is in the past of this land where the present scent originates.

The best way of tasting the stories of this land is to do it through its exquisite produce, such as the oil you will find in the Agrobotiga, and which festival takes place in January.

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