The mountains

Muntanya de les Terres de Mestral
Muntanya de les Terres de Mestral

The Mountains in Terres de Mestral  practically soak  in the water. The mountain range of llaberia and the mountains ofTivissa-Vandellòs are exceptional balconies over the sea and the inland. These mountain range was farmed until about fifty years ago and, nowadays, they are natural spots with big strenght and character. The mountain range of Llaberia  is a protected natural area with spectacular cliffs and gorges, a rich and varied vertebrate fauna and  a tipically Mediterranian flora and vegetation.  The mountains of Tivissa-Vandellòs are also a protected area. It is quite unknown these days despite having been, for centuries, the main track which joined the Ebro River and the Mediterranean Sea.

 These mountains have been inhabited since ancient times and they tell us us about bandits, fish,  trade routes,  legendary vampires and partisans like el Carrasclet.

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