MBT in Vandellòs and Hospitalet de l'Infant

Difficulty: médium
Distance: 11.3 km
Up-hill change: 262 m
Down-hill change: 261 m
Maximum high: 388 m
Minimum high: 209 m

Difficulty: high
Distance: 36.16 km
Up-hill change: 888 m
Down-hill change: 890 m
Maximum high:  604 m
Minimum high: 1 m

Difficulty: high
Distance: 51.98 km
Up-hill change: 889 m
Down-hill change: 891 m
Maximum high: 541 m
Minimum high: 1 m

Difficulty: medium
Distance: 11.58 km
Up-hill change: 20 m
Downhill change: 20 m
Maximum high: 124 m
Minimum high: 2 m

Difficulty: low
Distance: 2.24 km
Up-hill change: 0 m
Down-hill change: 12 m
Maximum high: 13 m
Minimum high: 0 m

Vandellòs – Masboquera – Masriudoms – La Verdura – Castellò - Vandellòs

This 18.46 km circular route is medium difficulty level and passes by two of the inland localities which are part of the Vandellòs council: Masboquera and Masriudoms. It also gets to Castelló, a village which was abandoned in the 50s, well known today for its recovery for educational, cultural and playful purposes done by the Associació Masia de Castelló, and also well known for its living manger which takes place during the winter.

Difficulty: low
Distance: 5.83 km
Up-hill change: 111 m
Down-hill change: 106 m
Maximum high: 337 m
Minimum high: 254 m

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Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant