The manger under the stars

As many other little villages, Castelló witnessed the abandonment of its houses, and in the 50s the last ones got closed. Castelló suffered the demolishing action of time: destroyed houses, broken roofs, devouring brushwood…

Nowadays, though, Castelló has become a symbol for the will of a folk to change what looked unavoidable: to dignify the past, to rebel against oblivion and to recover part of the memory of its land.

The association Masia de Castelló has been recovering the village for educational, cultural and playful purposes for some years. In summer, for instance, a traditional music festival, takes place, and in winter, one of the most outstanding living mangers in Catalonia is organized. Even if only few biblical scenes are played, it is a meeting point for good handcrafters who preserve the techniques and the ancestral wisdom: chair-makers, basket-makers, carpenters, mattress-makers, bakers, liquor distillers, barrel-makers…

Anyway, it is advisable to get to Castelló at any time of the year. With a little bit of imagination, it is possible to travel back to the time when the village was still full of life.     

El tiempo
Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant