Hiking trails in Tivissa

La Pujada de la Llena i L'Ermita de Sant Blai (Bressol dels itineraris GR)

This is a 6.7 km long circular route with an uphill elevation change of 445 m, 61.1 % path and one water point in the final section. It coincides, partly, with the GR-7 (red and white mark).

Santa Anna i Les Tries

This is a 6.8 km circular route with an uphill elevation change of 155 m, 83.8% path, and 600 m local road (T-304), without any water points. It coincides partly with the old ring road of Tivissa, today called Passeig Dr. Ramón Jardí.

Padrells, Pixavaques i el Molí del Rei

This is a 6 km long circular walk with an uphill elevation change of 185 m, 96.5 % path and without any water sources. It coincides, partly, with the way to Ginestar. The trip starts at the Carrer de Padrells street from you have to follow the asphalted way towards Padrells-Coll de Maula . Take the detour on the right, passing next to the fire prevention reservoir, until you get to the end of the canyon, and from where, you must continue walking on the same path until the area of Pixavaques walk on until you get to the bottom of a canyon called Molí del Rei.

Caminada a les Moles per Natocs i la Roca Rodona

This is a 7.6 Km circular route, which starts and ends in the village of Tivissa. It allows us to enjoy a landscape made of fields of hazelnut, olive almond and cherry trees, as well as vineyards. Along the route, the more you get into less accessible land, the more the active fields give way to the abandoned ones. Far from loosing charm, these still keep the human trace of the men who once worked there.

Moreover, this route will take you to two springs: Ricapell and Pardal, and to spectacular views of Montalt, the mountain range of Montsant and the Pas de L´Ase.

L'Obaga dels Borjos i les Meliques

This is a 8.9 km circular route with an uphill elevation change of 670 m, a 32% path and no water points. It coincides, partly, with the PR-C 92, marked white and yellow.

The tour starts in Passeig de la Foig street,  opposite the Tourist Office. Following this very street direction north-east, at the end and on your left, a path starts. Partly asphalted, it will take you to the way up to the Borjos, which you will find by taking a detour on the right, indicated by a signpost.

El Tomb de les Moles

This is a 7.4 km long circular circuit with an uphill elevation change of 265 m, 69% path,  and 225 m road (C-44), without any water point. It coincides partly with the GR-7 (marked red and white) and the PR-C 82 (marked white and yellow).


  • Entre el 26 de novembre i el 12 de desembre, l’Associació de Restauració i Hoteleria de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant i la Vall de Llors (ARH) ha organitzat, amb el suport de la Regidoria de Turisme i d

  • Mercat de Nadal de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant se celebrarà del 26 al 28 de novembre i del 3 al 5 de desembre

    A la Plaça Catalunya.

  • Fira de Nadal a Tivissa els 4 i 5 de desembre.
    Podreu gaudir d’una gran varietat d'expositors que ompliran els carrers del poble de; cultura, oficis i oci.
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