L'Obaga dels Borjos i les Meliques

L'Obaga dels Borjos i les Meliques

This is a 8.9 km circular route with an uphill elevation change of 670 m, a 32% path and no water points. It coincides, partly, with the PR-C 92, marked white and yellow.

The tour starts in Passeig de la Foig street,  opposite the Tourist Office. Following this very street direction north-east, at the end and on your left, a path starts. Partly asphalted, it will take you to the way up to the Borjos, which you will find by taking a detour on the right, indicated by a signpost.

The paths goes across a  wet shady area, with pine trees, holm oaks, oaks, hollies and some yew , and gets to the top, where you can see the vertical walls of the Borjos, as well as the cave of la Gralla, on the right. There is a light descent until you go uphill again to find a detour you must take, which is indicated Pujador del despistat. This section is furnished with ropes to make sure a good trespass of the rocky zone.

Once on the top, you must take the detour on the right and keep on walking until you get to a little patch at the end of the descent. From there on, you have to follow the forest path on the left, passing through the barnyard called Les Meliques, where at certain time of the year, there is a flock of white goats. Following the path, you will get to the Coll de Monetze, from where you can see the village of Tivissa at the bottom of the northwest valley, and a big part of the Ebre bank . You have to continue walking towards the northeast on the path which goes down to la Llena hill, where you have to take the detour on the right until you get a path called Camí de la Llena. On your way back to the villages, from this path, with its cobbled bends,  you will see the caves aligned at the cliffs of the mountain .

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